7 Minute Money Boost
Shifting your relationship with money, and how much money you receive, can happen fast. Use this daily 7 minute Money Boost practice to call in more of what you desire from a space of gratitude. 
We're Kaela & Lisa...

We are a mother-daughter duo here to change the world. We believe in BIG DREAMS, green juice, female bread winners, speaking your truth, and living epic lives.

We are both coaches who started with our own businesses, and now are synergizing our gifts to make a greater impact. Rise Leadership Circle was born from us both having the same visualization, even down to the word rise, at the same time, though we were in different states.

We are committed to living abundant, generous, open-hearted lives and supporting those in our tribe to have the beautiful life that they desire too.  

We believe every woman deserves to have a lucrative businesses, liberated life, and cold Pinot Grigio.  

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Hear what a few of our members have to say...
"I started my journey with Kaela’s rockstar coaching about a year ago, and since I’ve hired her so many great things have happened for me. With her insight, I was able to hone in on my ideal client, realign the services I offer, and ultimately rebrand and relaunch my website. She's helped me bust up my inner game patterns and encouraged me to outsource, so I have a better work-life balance. I'm quickly approaching consistent five-figure months, and I owe so much of it to her!” -Alex, HeiPro Digital

Starting a new business seven months prior, we were ready to up our game and invest into growing ourselves and our business. We met Lisa at one of our local events and connected over coffee after. We knew she was a great fit to help us increase to a higher level. Enrolling in her coaching program has done just that.
Working with Lisa, we have discovered a fresh mindset that has caused us to think more abundantly. We were able to fine tune our goals and our purpose. In the first few months of working with her, we have already seen an increase of 36% in our sales in comparison to the previous quarter. We have also implemented daily disciplines and a schedule that allows us to run our business in a way that works for us and our families, rather than looking back and realizing our business ran us. It's all about creating your life!
Aside from our excitement of the increased revenue in our business, we feel she has given us the avenue to think beyond what we thought was possible and accomplish goals we thought were out of our reach. We cannot express how valuable she has been to us!

“Kaela as my life coach was such a wonderful experience, she met me where I was in my journey as a women and small business owner. She pushed me to think outside the box, opened me up to challenging myself and helped me find a new purpose within myself to be a more confident, strong women which benefits myself as a mother, wife, business owner and community member.”

-Emily J., Green Bay Doulas

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