Intuitive Entrepreneurship
Empower your voice and expand your wealth without the hustle.

A self guided course for $497

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Key #1

Unapologetically shine a light on your truth so you can market and grow your business from soul.

Learn how to tap into your inner wisdom to craft a social media post (and hit publish) in minutes. No more getting stuck in analysis paralysis or overthinking someone else's opinion. 

Key #2

Create your $10k offer based on what lights you up the most and is aligned with who you are.

Learn how this is a repeatable process to get you to your first $100,000 year.

Key #3

Selling from soul because you are inspired to serve instead of the scarcity mindset of trying to pay the bills.

Learn how to unhook from feeling salesy, slimy, and pushy and instead celebrate on-the-spot yeses with payment!

BONUS Key #4

Create a successful business as the catalyst or your most fulfilled, free life. Are you setting yourself up for the life that you think you can have, or the life you really want?

Learn how to start living this now, one choice at a time, by activating a soul-lead road map.

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Have you been trying every thing that you can to turn your business into a PROFITABLE business and it just feels like you're throwing spaghetti at the wall but nothing is sticking

Are you tired of putting hours in with little results to show for it? Do you want to cry a little every time you scroll through social media and see another entrepreneur celebrating a big win, and you're happy for her, but also wondering when is it your time?

Imagine feeling TOTALLY CONFIDENT that you're going to have the results you crave because you are unapologetically sharing your gifts, serving your clients with high level offers, and celebrate that you are ATTRACTING ready-yes clients, and know how to walk soul-yeses across the line with ease. 

Intuition hasn't historically had a spot in the ladder of success, but it should. Intuition is an entrepreneurs' super power. And when we know how and trust ourselves to use it the game is changed. Especially when we couple our inner wisdom with a simple and repeatable strategy. It feels like magic.  

It's actually about your the way that you trust yourself and your soul truth to grow a business that feels aligned to you, attracting and serving clients who are here for what you've got because they trust and believe in themselves too. Are you ready to step into the magic of intuitive entrepreneurship? We'll show you how...

From the Mouth of Boss Babes
I took the coaching to follow my intuition and just got 3 yeses in the past hour.
Kate McFadzen
I hadn't gotten a new client in over 3 months. Within the first month of working with Kaela and Lisa I signed $30,000 of contracts, receiving $7,500 in cash right away.
Breanna Gunn
I decided to launch a new offer and wasn't sure how it would work. I got 7 yeses right away.
Kasey Hock
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Meet Lisa & Kaela

Lisa and Kaela are the mother-daughter cofounders of Rise Leadership Circle. They coach soulful entrepreneurs who are committed to:

  • Ditching hustle, overwhelm, and being underpaid
  • Stand in their worth and live an epic life
  • Receive wealth via their lucrative, mission-driven businesses

They both live in the midwest and each have two dogs. They are avid readers + champagne drinkers.

Lisa opened and built a seven figure business in during the 2008 recession. Kaela blazed her own trail from being six figures of debt to a multi-six figure entrepreneur in her mid twenties. 

Supporting women to unleash their deepest desires, and build profitable businesses as a result are one of the things they enjoy doing most together.

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We are honored and excited to deliver extreme value during this course. In service of supporting you to the max, we'll also share an opportunity to take the next step in working with us if it is a mutual fit. 
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